The Therapeutic Process is broken!

Consider this: The majority of individuals require at least 11 therapy sessions to achieve meaningful clinical benefits. However, nearly 60% of people stop going to therapy after just 1 session, and only 20% stay in therapy for at least 11 sessions.

This is an alarming 80% failure rate.

What about all of those online platforms that promise to “match” you with your ideal therapist in seconds just by asking where you live, what insurance you have, and what your symptoms are? While they may facilitate an initial connection quickly, they fail to match you on the factors that actually matter for therapeutic success.

The result is the same 80% failure rate!

This has to change, and it has to change now.

A critical factor in therapeutic success lies in what we call, Therapeutic Alliance, which is a warm, trusting, positive relationship between therapist and client. With this, there’s a much higher likelihood of success in therapy. Without this, the likelihood of success diminishes greatly.

Those other “matching” services don’t even attempt to match you on Therapeutic Alliance. While asking about your location, insurance, and some symptoms is relevant, they are not key to therapeutic success and simply don’t get you what you really need…and this is simply unacceptable.

Think about it – if you dislike talking to your therapist or don’t feel comfortable with your therapist for whatever reason, are you going to keep going? Of course not. 

If you want the best chance of success in therapy, you need to go to a therapist you’re most likely to develop a warm, trusting, positive relationship with.

This is why we built Alliance

Only Belongly matches you with therapists based on the most important aspect – the likelihood of having a Therapeutic Alliance (and, therefore, success) with a therapist.

Here’s how Alliance works. First, you’ll have a chat with our friendly chatbot, Bee. Bee gets to know YOU – who you are, what you’re dealing with, past experiences, and more. Then, we leverage the power of AI to match you with the therapists you’re most likely to have Therapeutic Alliance with and, therefore, most likely to have success with.

If you think this sounds similar to a dating app, you’re not wrong—there are similarities. But instead of trying to help you find a life partner, we’re trying to help you find an amazing, trusting, and beneficial therapeutic relationship.

And don’t worry. You don’t need to take hours of personality assessments or swipe on thousands of unappealing profiles. Just chat with Bee for a few minutes, and then we’ll get to work matching you with the therapists with whom you have the highest probability of therapeutic alliance.

Plus, we don’t have special deals with insurance companies, so we have zero incentive to push you toward any therapists in particular.

Let’s get you a therapist who provides the warmth, trust, and results you deserve.

Dr. Doug Kaufman
CEO and Founder