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To be successful as a mental health professional in today’s environment, it’s increasingly important to be aware of the tools and resources that can power your business and help you run a thriving practice. We’re proud to introduce our 1st annual Mental Health Professional Industry Resource Map.

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We invite you to explore the Belongly mental health glossary of diagnoses and commonly used terms. Included, please find definitions for commonly used terms. You’re welcome to submit your own or suggest a correction…

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From the current state of mental health in the United States to trends in treatments and even helpful tips to grow your private practice, we’re covering it all, on our blog and in our community.

10 Tips for Starting a Successful Mental Health Practice

Starting your own mental health practice can be an intimidating prospect. It doesn’t have to be. Additionally, starting your own practice does not need to involve becoming a business person who ...

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Self-Care Tips for Mental Health Professionals

As a mental health professional, you can play a critical role in the wellbeing of your clients. This can result in stress. When you devote so much time and energy to ...

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Building Your Brand as a Mental Health Professional: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Succeeding as a mental health professional does not merely involve effectively serving the needs of your clients. Even if this is your main priority, if you’re building your own practice, you’ll ...

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What to Do When Collective Tragedy Happens

Therapists and other such mental health professionals often assist their clients with processing personal tragedies in their lives. However, there are also instances in which mental health professionals may help multiple ...

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