400+ ChatGPT and AI Prompts for Therapists, Managers & Owners

2024-01-12T17:35:20-05:00Sunday, January 7, 2024|

Whether you're looking to ignite meaningful dialogue, explore new therapeutic approaches, or drive strategic business operations, our collection is an invaluable tool for unlocking the full potential of integrating ChatGPT and other AI tools into your business.

AI In Therapy Survey Results

2024-01-12T13:56:31-05:00Monday, September 4, 2023|

Presenting Belongly’s freshly minted report, a robust compilation of real-world insights from your peers about AI in therapeutic practice. That’s right, the therapists who have taken our survey are the true architects of this resource, and their collective wisdom is aimed squarely at helping you navigate AI’s potential in your career.

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