Considered a Young Adult book, this richly layered, textured story transcends its niche. It’s a moving, heart-touching story and metaphor perfectly appropriate for any age, and for anyone with feelings for life, love and longings for both.

It’s a deep and touching love story between a boy and a fox: Peter and Pax.

It’s about courage and loyalty in the time of a faceless, mindless war, contaminating the land, fouling the forests and streams and marring the souls of the animals and people who live in it.

Unseen shadows of evil in heavy boots trample hope and goodness, while love and ‪devotion between two species, a boy and a fox are bright lights in the gathering doom and darkness.

And, yes, there is inevitable, painful, heartbreaking separation as Peter and Pax grow into their separate destinies as fox and boy, together and yet forever separate as two separated species.

Pennypacker has given us a beautiful metaphor as well as a young adult genre that again and again rises above type.

It ushers us into the very heart of heartbreak and courage.

When was there a more beautiful fox?

When was there a more loving boy?

Why is the world still a cruel yet beautiful place?

The New York Times says that Pax offers a meditation on the bond between humans and animals, to which I add, it’s the aching longing for closeness and love.

he Times also notes two things that make the book remarkable: the author’s prose which the Times calls “sharp and restless and vulpine,” and the pull of the love between Peter and Pax.

This is a small book for troubled times and loving hearts.

For teachers or parents looking for a deeper delve into the simple, organic symbolism in the story, or specific teaching moments, this Super Summary guide is solid and reliable.

And because readers wanted more, Pennypacker gave us a sequel, Pax, Journey Home.

Cleverly, the Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington) encouraged a sophomore at a local high school to review both books, and she said, “Are we willing to risk the health of our water and the ecosystems it supports for things as petty as our own conflict and profit?

Both books will be a big hit with kids in elementary school (to listen to or read), with parents and teachers enjoying and them very much.”

For now, let us hope that misguided and over-zealous politicians don’t suggest banning Pax because it’s about love between two different species!

While the world wanders lost, following what T.S Eliot might call “Hollow Men,” a boy and a fox show us the way, and come, perhaps to save us!

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About the Author: Kaleel Sakakeeny
Kaleel Sakakeeny is an ordained Animal Chaplain and Credentialed Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor, one of very few in the country. He also has BA, MA, and MS degrees, and is certified in Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Animal Communication, which helps him tremendously in his work with people and animals. Kaleel specializes in grief and sorrow counseling for those who have lost their pet to death. He is very accessible, and looks forward to working with you individually or in a group setting. He especially loves working with small groups in workshops, schools, community centers and churches – talking about the beautiful bond between people and their animals. And, addressing your questions about love, loss and our animal companions. Please say “hi” and introduce yourself!

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