Pulse: Micro-Surveys that Drive Success

Pulse is your toolkit for maintaining and deepening the Therapeutic Alliance through real-time feedback. Engage with clients between sessions with our micro-surveys to monitor satisfaction, adapt treatment plans, and prevent client turnover.

Improve client retention by addressing concerns early, Monitoring engagement and adapting treatment plans accordingly

Checking In Between Sessions Has Never Been Easier:Stay connected with clients between therapy sessions by sending short, periodic surveys to gauge their well-being, satisfaction and progress.

Pulse: Micro-Surveys that Drive Success

Avoid Client Turnover: Proactively address dissatisfaction to retain clients longer.
Enhance Therapeutic Outcomes: Adjust therapeutic approaches based on timely client feedback, ensuring personalized care.
Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge client progress to boost motivation and engagement.

For Solo Practitioners

Streamline client intake with precision matching and reduce the time spent on mismatched consultations. Or refer clients to therapists who may be a better fit.

For Organizations

Optimize resource allocation and therapist effectiveness across your practice.

Alliance: Refine Your Therapeutic Matches