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    Private practice is a dream for many therapists, but where to start? What do you need to get started? What will it take to have a successful practice?

    Like any adventure, it helps to ask yourself some important questions. At the end of some self-reflection, you might conclude you can’t wait to get started. Great! Now you can move forward. Or maybe you decide it’s not for you. Great! Now you can move toward something that you are passionate about and is the right fit for you.

    Being in private practice takes some special skills beyond being a therapist. Most of these skills are never taught in school. One of the most important is having that entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s face it, being in business for yourself means you are an entrepreneur, not only a therapist. This will mean you will be wearing many hats, working more hours (and stranger hours) than you can imagine, and often working in isolation. This requires discipline, organization, and a deep passion for what you are creating.

    Here are some reflection questions:

    Published On: Tuesday, February 20, 20241.6 min read