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  • Moving forward after divorce is difficult for everyone, and trying to figure out how to co-parent complicates things even further. Here are some tips to help you co-parent with your ex.

    Put Your Child First

    Putting your child first is an absolute necessity for successful co-parenting. Always consider their wants and needs above your own.

    Putting your child first doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of yourself. Your child also deserves a parent that’s happy and healthy. Self-care is vital, so be sure to rest, eat healthy, exercise and make time in your busy schedule to do something special for yourself. This way, you give your child her parent at their very best.

    The Golden Rule

    The best co-parenting relationships have the best communication. To practice the golden rule, share the information you would like, and expect, to have shared with you. Neglecting to share information could risk unintended negative consequences for your child.

    For example, if you get your child immunized for school and don’t tell your ex, your ex might also get your child immunized for school. This could have unintended consequences for your child.

    If you’re having difficulty communicating with your ex in person or by phone, try text or e-mail.

    Be Consistent


    Published On: Friday, July 12, 20242.6 min read
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