We are deeply committed to supporting mental health and behavior professionals in their work.

We are deeply committed to supporting mental health and behavior professionals in their work.


Our Story

When we first had the idea to create Belongly, we were interested in building a company that brought mental health and tech together. During our early customer development interviews with 150 consumers and mental health providers, we discovered recurring themes that went beyond the product we initially intended to create. Mental health professionals expressed feeling overwhelmed with the high volume of requests for care and unable to provide adequate support to all those in need. They consistently reported feeling burnt out and lacking support systems or networks they could turn to. Lastly, they shared the challenges of the business side of running their practice, having been trained to help people but not necessarily to start and effectively run a business.

On the other hand, consumers we interviewed regularly expressed difficulty finding a therapist with availability, and even when they did, there was uncertainty about whether the therapist would be a good fit. Many parents expressed a strong desire for better referral systems to make the process easier and more efficient.

These conversations and themes resonated with us, and we felt a strong desire to help mental health professionals better serve their clients. We conducted further customer development interviews and found widespread agreement and interest in addressing these issues. As a result, we created Belongly to provide mental health professionals with the tools and resources they need to overcome these challenges and provide better care for their patients.

Decided to create Belongly in August


Launched an MVP in February


Just 5 months after, we started planning and building.
Our current member count is


Licensed, Vetted Mental Health Professionals In All 50 States.
We are laser-focused on


Licensed mental health providers, for now, but will open the platform for other mental health professionals in the future.

Our Core Values

By sharing our core values, we aim to build trust with the community we aim to serve by transparently communicating the principles guiding our decisions and operations.

Purpose and People Before Profit

By sharing a common purpose, we can all look up at the sky and help navigate to the North Star together rather than waiting for someone to lead us. Our purpose is the foundation upon which the company is built and what guides our people each day.

People Before Profit
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Build Trust Every Day

We believe in ourselves and each other. We assume the best and give each other the benefit of the doubt. We encourage each other to be our best selves, do our best to help our customers and the company succeed, and provide direct, honest, and constructive help to each other.

Embrace our differences

One of the greatest gifts of being human is that we are all different. At Belongly, we firmly believe that embracing diversity and differences in our team and among our customers is fundamental to our success. This belief, one of our most important core values, enhances creativity, innovation, and a broader perspective in problem-solving. It also allows us to better understand, connect with, and serve our diverse customer base.


Long-Term Vision and Action

To help the most people and make the company most successful, we think and act with the long-term in mind. This aligns our behaviors, plans, and goals with our customers.

Embrace the Journey

Our mission, vision, and goals are lofty. Achieving them will take incredible effort, teamwork, skill, and luck. The journey ahead of us is incredibly challenging, and we love it.

The Journey

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