Grow your online course offering and social media presence with Dr. Justine Grosso Full Webinar

This webinar is 36 minute long. If you need to come back to continue watching, please copy the following link and save it in your browser or you will need to re-register again later:

Topics Covered In This Webinar

  • How Justine got started creating online courses and you can too
  • Differences between pre-recorded courses, live courses and workshops
  • Different business models – one-time payments, subscriptions, and more
  • What type of material and content should be in an online course
  • What does it mean to “launch” a course and how you can launch a single course multiple times
  • Marketing your online course and building excitement leading up to your launch
  • Pricing your online course
  • Benefits of creating online courses (for the course creators)
  • How to build a social media audience and best practices for managing social media accounts
  • What can go wrong when building your social media audience and presence
  • Information to provide your clients about your social media activity and online courses
  • Synergies between online courses, social media, and private practice
  • How big does your social media audience need to be before you can launch a course

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