A Free Downloadable Social Media Policy Template For Therapists

Being a therapist in the internet age offers both challenges and opportunities. Therapists increasingly use social media accounts to promote their services and connect with potential patients. But social media presents unique ethical considerations for therapists. If you don’t have a written policy when it comes to the use of social media, here’s a template you can download and edit for your practice.

Social media offers many advantages for therapists, including ways to connect with prospective patients and increase brand awareness. But social media can also be the equivalent of an ethical minefield. A clear social media policy can help you avoid breaches of confidentiality and dual relationships. The American Psychological Association has a list of guidelines on their site, and there are webinars and continuing education courses dedicated to the ethical use of technology.

How do you handle social media with your clients?

Download your free copy of our social media policy template for therapists. (PDF or Word doc)

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