The 2022 Mental Health Professionals Industry Resource Map

The 2022 Mental Health Professionals Industry Resource Map

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14 Categories, 212 Live Links, including Online Therapy Platforms, Insurance For Providers, Practice Management & Billing Software, Appointment Scheduling, Virtual Assistants, Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook Groups, Payment Processing, and more…

To be successful as a mental health professional in today’s environment, it’s increasingly important to be aware of the tools and resources that can power your business and help you run a thriving practice. We’re proud to introduce our 1st annual Mental Health Professional Industry Resource Map. Fresh with new categories, live links, resources, and more information, we’re certain this will give you a big picture of the resources available to you as a therapist to help you run a successful business and stay connected to other professionals. 

So, whether you’re practicing as a mental health professional, a professional in another industry, or simply a curious consumer just trying to find out what it’s all about, this PDF (with live links) will help you explore the sites, tools, apps, and resources you need to know There’s a lot to keep up with and our new map gives you a quick way to understand it all.

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