Why would I or my university counseling center join Belongly?

We recognize that there’s a surging student demand for counseling services, that many colleges and universities don’t have the resources to provide. There are thousands of verified, licensed mental health providers ready to take on new clients.

  • Students get the help they need – we know you’re under-resourced – it’s not your fault.
  • Belongly is a Professional community of thousands of verified, US-based, licensed therapists ready to help.
  • Completely free – you pay nothing. We charge nothing.
  • Unlimited use – start with one post, then post everyone if you want.
  • Invite as many licensed therapists from your counseling center as you liked to manage the activity.
  • Posting a referral takes 2 minutes. When referrals are submitted, the community responds.

Beyond our highly effective peer-to-peer referral system, Belongy is a great place for collaboration, content and research publishing, and hiring. We invite you to schedule a demo or create a free Belongly Business Page for your organization.