Connect and Collaborate With Your Peers

The Professional Network for Mental Health Providers

A free, HIPAA-compliant platform for mental health professionals to collaborate, consult, and stay connected with peers.

Understand client satisfaction levels

Improve client retention by addressing concerns early, Monitoring engagement and adapting treatment plans accordingly.

Improve Client Retention

Pulse is your secret weapon for reducing client turnover.

By fostering longer-lasting client relationships, they provide financial stability and drive better therapeutic outcomes, allowing you to make a lasting impact.

Strengthen Relationships

Pulse simplifies the process of gathering client feedback.

Access to real-time feedback empowers you to adapt treatment plans promptly, providing your clients with the highest level of personalized care, to maximize progress and improve outcomes.

Capture Feedback

Checking In Between Sessions Has Never Been Easier

Stay connected with clients between therapy sessions by sending short, periodic surveys to gauge their well-being, satisfaction and progress.

Deliver Micro-Surveys

Authentic Testimonials & Reviews Build Credibility

Testimonials are powerful marketing tools, establishing trust with potential clients and partners, and showcasing your practice’s commitment to service, and satisfied clients.

Reviews & Testimonials

Who is Client Pulse For?

Empower Your Practice

For Solo-Practicioners

Client Pulse is a transformative tool for solo therapists, designed to help reduce client turnover and improve therapeutic outcomes. By enhancing client relationships, helping you personalize care, and streamlining practice management, you will increase client retention and enhance your professional reputation.

Transform Your Organization

For Organizations

Client Pulse transforms therapy organizations by providing key insights into therapist-client dynamics and enhancing client retention with data-driven insights.  Our system enables the collection of client testimonials for marketing and reputation, optimizes therapist effectiveness through a constant feedback loop, and identifies opportunities to improve retention rates.

Learn how constant feedback loops and data-driven insights build health practices through therapeutic alliance. 

Using Client Feedback To Improve Therapy Sessions

As therapists, we routinely ask our clients how they are doing, but there is an equally important question we should be asking them: “How am I doing?” Regularly soliciting feedback from clients strengthens the therapeutic alliance, reduces drop-out, and improves treatment outcomes. For example, a recent meta-analysis found that therapists who had a system for gathering client feedback had a 20 percent reduced drop-out rate.

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It’s crucial to define your ideal clients and recognize when a potential client may not be the best fit. The “Client Clarity Compass” is your guide to achieving this balance, ensuring that your practice flourishes while maintaining the highest level of care…

Ideal Clients

You can utilize this checklist as a guide to prepare your practice for launch. For more comprehensive information, you can also refer to our guide on starting a therapy practice.