Pet Loss And Grief

Pet Loss

If you’ve noticed an increase in grief-related terms and issues lately, it’s no surprise. We are generally a grief-avoidant society. The Pandemic seems to have heightened our awareness and study of sorrow/loss.grief as part of te human condition. And the grief process is often not well understood by many therapists. Perhaps because grief is not a mental health issue, strictly speaking. It’s a matter of the heart and spirit-there is no pill for a broken heart, sadness.
Interestingly, I have come to see that the loss of a pet is often a more powerful event than the loss of a friend or often even a parent. There is something about the animal-human bond that transcends the vexations and shortcomings of human to human relationships. And pet loss and grief almost always are portals into many, many other unmourned losses from a life time.

This group will explore the grief and loss journey in general, and the pet loss bond in particular


Facilitator: Kaleel Sakakeeny
Max Members: 4-5
Meets: TBD
Session Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: $25 Per Session

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About The Group Leader

Kaleel Sakakeeny

Rev. Kaleel Sakakeeny

Kaleel Sakakeeny is an ordained Animal Chaplain and Credentialed Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor, one of very few in the country. He also has BA, MA, and MS degrees, and is certified in Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Animal Communication, which helps him tremendously in his work with people and animals. Kaleel specializes in grief and sorrow counseling for those who have lost their pet to death. He is very accessible, and looks forward to working with you individually or in a group setting. He especially loves working with small groups in workshops, schools, community centers and churches – talking about the beautiful bond between people and their animals. And, addressing your questions about love, loss and our animal companions. Please say “hi” and introduce yourself!

Applications for this group are now closed.