Working with LGBTQ+ clients


Members will receive peer support on how to effectively work with LGBTQ2SIA+ clients including consultation on common concerns among queer and trans populations, education on navigating transgender medical care, ways to make organizations and practices more affirming, and support with managing the impacts of discrimination, oppression and trauma that clients may experience.


Facilitator: Jael Esquibel
Max Members: 7
Meets: Every Other Week
Session Duration: 75 Minutes
Price: $40 Per Session

Please note that applying to a group does not automatically grant membership to the group. All applications are reviewed and final member selections are made by group leaders and Belongly. Once accepted into a group, your first session is free to ensure the group is the right fit for you, then payments will be processed in 1-month increments, for the duration of your involvement and beginning just prior to the second group meeting.

Consultation Groups and Peer Support Groups are not therapy or supervision.

About The Group Leader


Jael Esquibel

My name is Jael (she/her) and I’m a Licensed Counselor in Washington and Colorado. I’m passionate about empowering people, helping them live fuller lives and increasing their well-being. I identify as multi-ethnic with strong New Mexican, Latina cultural roots. I have over 11 years of counseling experience and have worked in community mental health, college counseling and career counseling, and I am currently in private practice. I have a strong passion for working with multicultural populations and specialize in LGBTQ2SIA+ populations. I have over 13 years of experience working with queer, trans, and multicultural populations as well as developing and providing trainings on LGBTQ2SIA+ populations and on topics of equity and inclusion to mental health professionals and organizations. My approach to counseling is collaborative, relational, compassionate, identity-affirming, culturally responsive and strengths based. My background in social justice and activism influences my work as a counselor and how I strive to show up inside and outside the therapy room. I enjoy teaching others and sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained to hopefully better support clinicians and the clients they serve.

Applications for this group are now closed.