Grow your online course offering and social media presence

Grow your online course offering and social media presence


In this expansive and in-depth webinar, Marcus Rodriguez interviews Dr. Justine Grosso, PSYD, Media Contributor, and Corporate Wellness Speaker. Dr. Justine will walk you through everything walk through everything you need to know to get started creating online courses and growing your social media presence, including how she got started (and you can too) creating online courses, the differences between live and pre-recorded courses, the types of materials that should be included in online courses, what it means to “launch” a course, pricing, what can go wrong, and more.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside

Here’s a preview of what’s inside

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Dr. Justine Grosso, PSYD 

Media Contributor, and Corporate Wellness Speaker. Her Website


Dr. Justine Grosso is a Licensed Psychologist, media contributor, and wellness speaker. She specializes in the intersection of the mind-body connection, trauma, and relationships. She is particularly passionate about helping people reduce shame through cutting-edge research and education on the neurobiology of stress and trauma. Dr. Grosso received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University and completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship at Duke Academic Medical Center, specializing in trauma and women’s health.

Dr. Grosso is a sought-after media expert and has been featured in dozens of publications including Vogue, Newsweek, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, and Elle. Dr. Grosso enjoys research, training, and speaking on topics related to mind-body approaches for stress management and building psychological resilience at universities, conferences, and academic journals across the U.S. Dr. Grosso’s Instagram @heydrjustine, has amassed a community of over 75,000 in two years and her educational use of social media has been covered by Spectrum News and USA Today .

Dr. Grosso has served on many professional committees during her early career that has focused on wellness initiatives for psychologists and other health providers or local community initiatives. Most recently she served on the board of Live Globally, a North Carolina-based 501(c)(3) organization, and facilitated community research on MindBody Centering Yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcus Rodriguez, Ph.D. ( He/him, El, 他 )

Assistant Professor, Pitzer CollegeDirector, Global Mental Health Lab, Director, Youth and Family Institute, Consultant, Behavioral Tech (BTECH) Founding Member, ISITDBT Antiracism Committee


Marcus Rodriguez, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and the Founder and Director of the Youth and Family Institute in Los Angeles. He is an internationally recognized expert in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). He is a consultant for Behavioral Tech and a clinical instructor in the Marsha M. Linehan DBT Clinic at the University of Washington. Dr. Rodriguez is also the Director of the Global Mental Health Research Lab and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Pitzer College. He earned his master’s at Peking University, his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Duke University, and clinical training in child and adolescent psychology at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. He was born in California, grew up in Mexico, studied in Germany for a year during college, lived in China for 9 years after college, and has traveled to more than 80 countries. Dr. Rodriguez provides direct patient care, consultation, supervision, and training in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. He has helped train thousands of mental health professionals throughout the United States, China, and Latin America. He published a book on DBT in Mandarin, co-authored dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals, and made more than 100 clinical and scholarly conference presentations. He enjoys travel hacking, making memes, and writing children’s books.