Here’s your score

Decision Time!

Now, it’s time to calculate your “score” and interpret the results. For each “Yes” answer, assign 1 point, and for each “No” answer, assign 0 points. Add up your points to determine the ideal hiring choice:

  • If your score is 8-10: Independent Contractor: You’re ready to embrace the freedom, flexibility, and specialized expertise an independent contractor brings to your practice.
  • If your score is 4-7: Employee: You thrive on having more control, training opportunities, and exclusive commitment from your hires.
  • If your score is 0-3: Further Consideration: Your answers indicate a mix of preferences or uncertainties. Consult with professionals and carefully evaluate the specific circumstances to make the best hiring decision for your practice.

Remember, this quiz provides a starting point for your decision-making process. Consider the pros and cons of each and seek advice from legal and tax professionals to ensure compliance with regulations. Your unique practice needs will guide you toward the perfect choice. Good luck with your hiring quest!