Jenni obtained her Masters in Social Work from The University of Denver in 2004. As a clinical social worker, Jenni’s work has spanned across the entire life span, including providing therapeutic support within the fields of adoption, surrogacy, and egg donation, school-based services for children and adolescents, medical settings for adults and children, nursing homes, and hospice and palliative care programs.

Jenni has been in private practice since 2017. In addition to her clinical work, Jenni is co-host of The Changing Perspectives Podcast, author of Confessions from the Couch: Finding Hope and Resiliency in Grief, and teaches in the MSW program at Simmons University.

Practice Areas:

Jenni has a passion for providing clinical support and insight around the topics of grief and loss, anxiety, depression, and major life transitions.

Why I Love Belongly

“I love the work that I am able to do as a therapist, but there sometimes is a loneliness that comes from being in private practice. I am loving the community feel that Belongly is bringing to therapists like me. Connections with other therapists who “get it” is vital to our ability to avoid burnout – and a community of therapists is pretty special!”

State(s) where you practice:

Massachusetts, Florida (and soon Illinois)

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