The 2024 Tax Deduction Cheatsheet For Therapists

2024-01-15T11:36:52-05:00Sunday, January 14, 2024|

To capture all potential tax benefits, it's crucial to conduct a comprehensive review of your business expenses. Begin by utilizing this checklist, store your documents in a binder, folder, or other organizational tools, and transform tax season from a period of dread to an efficient task.

Balancing the Books: A Monthly Checklist +Yearly Financial Reflections

2024-01-12T13:09:48-05:00Monday, November 27, 2023|

"Balancing the Books with Heart" isn't just about keeping your finances in check. It's a holistic approach, blending the practicality of financial management with the empathy and care YOU bring to your practice. It's tailored to make financial planning feel less like a chore and more like a part of your self-care routine, ensuring the sustainability and growth of your practice.

Vacation Checklist for Therapists

2024-01-12T14:15:40-05:00Wednesday, July 19, 2023|

With this comprehensive guide, you'll not only be able to plan and enjoy a well-deserved vacation, but also establish seamless communication with your cherished clients. Rest assured, even in your absence, your practice will continue to thrive, thanks to the expert strategies and tips we’re sharing.

Social Media HIPAA Policy Checklist

2024-01-12T14:21:07-05:00Monday, June 26, 2023|

Within the digital landscape of the internet, therapists must gracefully navigate the intricate path of adhering to HIPAA policies while embracing the boundless potential of social media. To aid in this endeavor, we present a comprehensive checklist, meticulously crafted to ensure compliance with the utmost care.

Independent Contractor Hiring Checklist For Your Private Therapy Practice

2024-01-12T14:34:54-05:00Sunday, May 28, 2023|

The government’s cracking down on independent contractor classification. We did the hard work for you and researched all the pros and cons, and packaged it together in an easy-to-follow interactive quiz. These questions will help you navigate whether the contractor route is right for you. Once you’ve got the know-how, you can confidently assemble your squad and simplify your workload like a true pro!

The Belongly HIPAA Compliance Checklist

2024-01-12T15:28:27-05:00Wednesday, April 19, 2023|

We’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist of items that you should address to achieve HIPAA compliance, whether you are setting up shop for the first time or conducting a periodic audit of your HIPAA practices.

The Private Practice Checklist

2024-01-12T15:09:10-05:00Thursday, April 13, 2023|

Starting your private counseling practice is an exciting time! You have an opportunity to build something of your own and follow your dreams. It’s normal to worry about messing up or missing an important step. That’s why we created this checklist to simplify and break down the tasks involved.

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