From a study examining the DNA of 179 persons without any overt sign of disease or disorders – a remarkable find. The average person has about 400 genetic mutations. So, apparently, no one is perfect!

We all have some sort of imperfection, all the way down to our DNA. And yet, how many of us are unable to tolerate the more obvious imperfections, all the expectations and shoulds we fail to live up to? Perhaps those expectations dwell within a mythical realm where everyone is flaw-free, right down to their DNA.

As for me, I will take this realm, flaws and all. Much better to learn to experience all life has to offer in this flawed realm rather than continually suffer the fate of Icarus and his failed flight. I will take all that this flawed experience offers, all the joys and pains. But I do not dwell in this realm ill-equipped. I tread these waters with the skills of mindfulness to support me. To expose the unrealistic thoughts that might otherwise doom me, to caress the surge of emotions that might otherwise overwhelm me, to hold the physical pain that might crush me.

Mindfulness offers suspension of judgment of our so-called flawed realm, suspension of striving for unrealistic pursuits of perfection, patience with the unfolding flow, acceptance of that beyond my control, kindness and compassion towards my authentic self, letting go of societal pressures and curiosity to delve deeper into this realm, warts and all!



Perfection Is Skin Deep: Everyone Has Flawed Genes

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About the Author: Paul Deger
Paul Deger, MA, LPC, PT has 35 years experience in healthcare, initially earning an undergraduate degree in physical therapy at Marquette University in Milwaukee. As a physical therapist, Paul has practiced in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings, specializing in neurological disorders. He furthered his studies in motor learning and control in the graduate physical therapy program at the University of Pittsburgh. Paul then shifted focus from physical to psychological health and completed his graduate studies at Naropa University, Boulder, earning a Master’s in Mindfulness-Based Counseling Psychology. On retreat, he has also trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli of the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School and studied Buddhism and meditation in sangha with Lloyd Burton, Dharma teacher from Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Recognizing the impact of spirituality on health, Paul studied pastoral care at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. He has worked with clients in hospital-based, private practice and home-based family directed care. Paul has taught mindfulness meditation, stress management and health behavior change nationally to doctors, allied health care professionals, businesses and government agencies, as well an invited speaker at professional conferences. Paul also has a long history as a corporate trainer, with a specialty in coaching nurses and health educators to deliver disease management and health behavior change services. Paul has designed mental wellbeing apps and multi-media psycho-educational products. He is certified in Synchronous Training as well as Performance Consulting. When not working, Paul enjoys rock climbing and vintage car shows with his son. Currently, Paul is the Clinical Director at Psych Hub.

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