Summary: Therapist or psychologist needed – Manipulation

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  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
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  • Media Outlet: Forbes Health
  • Deadline: 2:00 PM EST – 22 August

Query: I am looking to quote licensed therapists or psychotherapists about manipulation. Please comment on the questions below in full sentences and in your own words (submissions are run through a plagiarism detector, and plagiarized material, including your own work from the past, will not be published). Questions:

  1. What is manipulation?
  2. Signs of manipulation in a relationship (cover different types of relationships, romantic partnership, family, friendship, professional relationships, etc.)
  3. What are some ways a partner manipulates? (if possible, touch on/explore guilting, complaining, feigning innocence, blaming, etc.)
  4. Ways to address manipulation (how to approach it with a partner or in therapy)
  5. Responding to manipulation (how to react when it’s actually happening)
  6. Getting help: tips for finding professional help, finding the right resources, etc
  7. Anything else readers should know not addressed above?
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