Summary: Mental health experts – Affirmations for body positivity?

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Query: Hi, I’m looking for mental health experts who can share their best affirmations for feeling great in your body. Please share 3-5 affirmations, along with a brief explanation for why each one can help improve your body confidence.

Requirements: Please include your full name, title, license and a link to your professional site so I can credit your quotes. Thanks!

Summary: Seeking neurologists/psychologists who can discuss how the brain ages

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Query: There’s a lot of research that dives into how the adolescent brain changes into a more mature adult version. For this article, I am more interested in how the brain changes as you age in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. I would also be interested in how certain life events, like perimenopause/menopause also affect the brain.

Requirements: I am interested in speaking to neurologists and psychologists specializing in brain health who are available for a 20 minute phone call this week to discuss the aging brain. I would also be open to speaking with a menopause expert on the impact menopause plays on brain health

Summary: Early Childhood Mental Health Guide

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Query: We are hoping to gain expert insight into early childhood mental health. This article strictly pertains to children aged 0-6 years old. What do we really need to know/understand about early childhood mental health? Here are some questions to answer and get you thinking;

  1. What are the typical cognitive, social, and emotional milestones for children aged 0-6?
  2. How do these milestones contribute to their overall mental health?
  3. How does early attachment to caregivers influence a child’s mental well-being?
  4. What signs indicate a healthy attachment versus potential attachment issues?
  5. What advice do you have for caregivers to strengthen this relationship?
  6. What strategies can caregivers use to help young children manage and regulate their emotions or help them deal with stress and challenges?
  7. What are common challenges in emotional regulation for this age group
  8. What role does peer interaction play in the mental development of children aged 0-6?
  9. How can caregivers facilitate positive social interactions among young children?
  10. How does language development impact a child’s ability to express emotions and thoughts?
  11. What are effective ways to support language development for better mental health outcomes?
  12. What are common behavioral issues in children aged 0-6 that might be indicative of underlying mental health issues?
  13. How can caregivers differentiate between normal developmental behaviors and potential red flags?
  14. How does screen time impact the mental health and development of children aged 0-6?
  15. What are the guidelines for incorporating technology while ensuring a healthy mental environment?
  16. What signs suggest that a child might benefit from early intervention from a mental health professional?
  17. What are the available resources and services for children in this age group?

Requirements: Must be an ECE expert, early childhood educator, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, early intervention specialist, speech therapist/pathologist, etc

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