Summary: How to break up with a toxic friend

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Query: How does one break off a toxic friendship? Looking for relationship experts to share insights and tips on why it’s okay to end a friendship that’s no longer working, and how to do it kindly.

Requirements: Relationship/friendship expert-therapist, sociologist, etc

Summary: Looking for a psychologist/psychiatrist to share inputs about personality types dealing with recession

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Query: A lot of economists have predicted that there are chances of a recession in 2023; a report states so: How can businesses prepare for economic turbulence in 2023? Chief economists give their views.

So, we would like to ask the following questions;

  1. If all this situation arises, which of the 16 personality types are capable of handling such economic crises – recession?
  2. Which of the 16 personality types may find it difficult to deal with such economic crises – recession?
  3. What tips should be followed by individuals of 16 personality types to handle such situations?

Requirements: Psychologist, psychiatrist, or any expert related to this field.

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