Summary: What do we need to know about postpartum depression?

  • Name: Tracey Duncan Rx Sense
  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Rx Sense
  • Deadline: 9:00 AM EST – 19 January

Query: Despite the prevalence of conditions like postpartum depression, we still have a cultural taboo about talking about “female conditions”. I’m working on an in-depth piece about the prevalence of PPD, its impact on mothers’ lives, and the latest in treatment and prevention. Your insights could help shed light on this often-overlooked condition. Let’s break the stigma and spread awareness. Please contribute to this crucial conversation. Here are my questions:

  1. What is your name, title, location, pronouns, and website?
  2. How does postpartum depression differ from other types of depression?
  3. Can you discuss the psychological impact of PPD on a mother’s relationship with her child?
  4. What role does therapy play in the treatment of PPD?
  5. How do social and cultural factors influence the prevalence and treatment of PPD?
  6. What are common misconceptions about PPD that you encounter in your practice?
  7. What advice would you give to family members supporting someone with PPD?

Requirements: Psychologists or psychiatrists

Summary: ISO – Expert on Impact of Anxiety on Breathing

  • Name: Peg Rosen Psycom
  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Psycom
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 19 January

Query: ISO mental health clinician, researcher, or yoga/meditation expert who can discuss how anxiety and stress impact breath and how breath can affect emotions and various systems in the body.

Requirements: MD, DO, Ph.D., MS, LCSW, or certification in the field of your expertise. Experts could include pulmonologists, psychiatrists, therapists, respiratory therapists, yoga and meditation researchers and instructors.

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