Summary: MFTs and MHCs can bill Medicare now – Should practices seek them out for patients?

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Query: The 2024 physician fee schedule rule lets marriage and family therapists and mental health counselors (including drug counselors) enroll in and be reimbursed by Medicare. Primary care and other practices usually have referral lists and recommendations for specialties. Should they take this opportunity to seek out MFTs and MHCs for their patients who might benefit from their treatment? If so, how should the vetting and collaboration process be handled? Thanks!

Summary: Opinion of Therapists on “How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone”

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Query: I’m looking for therapists to answer questions on “How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone”:

  1. Practical tips and techniques for managing obsessive thoughts
  2. The Impact of Obsession on Mental Health
  3. What are signs of being obsessed with someone?
  4. What causes obsession over a person?
  5. Strategies to foster healthy coping mechanisms
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