Summary: Seeking couple’s therapists to share insight on a new study about improving relationships

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  • Deadline: 11:00 AM EST – 11 July

Query: A new study revealed some interesting insights into strategies that help to improve your relationship. I’m looking for couples therapists to provide commentary on this. Here’s a link to the study findings. My questions are as follows:

  1. Why is it important to continually be “working” at your relationship? In other words, to not get complacent?
  2. Researchers found that when asked which strategies people are most likely to use to improve their relationships (and which ones they believe are most effective) these were the top 5 cited:
    • Try to understand the other partner’s needs and desires.
    • Discuss problems together and become more open to expressing their worries.
    • Show more interest in the other partner and spend more time together.
    • Go on more experiences together, including date nights and trips.
    • Build trust, and be more honest and respectful.
  3. For each of the above strategies, explain why it works and why you recommend focusing on this.
  4. The least popular strategies included; improving your looks and going to self-improvement classes. Why are these strategies not as popular or effective?
  5. Interestingly, the study found that the only significant sex-based difference was that men were more willing to utilize “make concessions and compromises” as a strategy than women. Can you offer any insight into why this is?

Requirements: Source must be a licensed therapist

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