Summary: What To Know About Nacho Parenting

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Query: I’m writing about nacho parenting, which is the idea that in a blended family, the main child disciplining is done by the biological parent, rather than the stepparent. I’m looking to connect with a credentialed marriage and family therapist to answer some questions about nacho parenting.

  1. How would you define nacho parenting and what does it usually look like in real life?
  2. What are the benefits of nacho parenting?
  3. What are some drawbacks or complications of using this method?
  4. Have you seen it be effective among your patients?
  5. Can you share some tips for parents who’d like to try nacho parenting with their stepkids?

Requirements: Licensed marriage and family therapist. When sending me emailed answers, please run your content through a plagiarism checker like Copyspace. I am unable to use any content that comes up as a red flag on a plagiarism checker. Thanks!

Summary: Inside Out – Tell us how to put yourself first

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Query: Mass Appeal’s slogan is “It’s an Inside Job” and is at the center of our work. How one feels on the inside reflects the outside. Inside Out tackles issues of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. Please share your knowledge about the importance of putting oneself first. When is it appropriate in relationships, friendships, careers, etc. How does one put oneself first when they’re not well-practiced in it? Show us the tools. Please be thorough.

Requirements: The more in-depth the answer, the more likely it will be published. Please include social media handles. We want to hear from mental health professionals, therapists, experts on the love languages, psychologists, etc.

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