Summary: Marriage/Couples Therapists – Looking for tips for how not to be a therapist to your partner

  • Name: Matt Schneiderman Fatherly
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Fatherly
  • Deadline: 10:00 PM EST – 19 June

Query: Looking for advice for (non-therapist) fathers on how not to be their partner’s therapist: why this is important; how partners can draw firm lines between support and therapy; how to not sound callous; etc.

Requirements: Therapists only, please. Marriage/couples counselors preferred.

Summary: Bulletproof – How do you stand strong when a loved one despises your gift

  • Name: Managing Editor Mass Appeal magazine
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Mass Appeal magazine
  • Deadline: 10:00 PM EST – 19 June

Query: Share your inspirational story of how you used your ‘suit of armor’ to survive assaults on your self-esteem from a loved one who clearly stated or showed signs of hating the gift you gave them and;

  1. How do you talk to yourself after spending lots of time finding a gift for another person?
  2. How do you react in an appropriate way that respects yourself and the other person?

Requirements: We want to hear from mental health professionals, therapists, etc. Please include your social media handles.

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