Summary: Dating/married to a pathological liar

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  • Deadline: 9:00 AM EST – 7 March

Query: I’m looking to speak to relationship experts (psychologists, therapists, or similar) for a piece about lying in relationships. The piece is in response to the viral TikTok series “Who TF Did I Marry?” in which content creator Reesa Tessa describes her unhealthy relationship with a man who was a pathological liar.

  1. Is pathological lying a mental health disorder or is it a symptom of other disorders? Please explain.
  2. When it comes to pathological liars, are there any warning signs or red flags to look out for in the dating/getting-to-know-you process?
  3. Can smaller lies (“white lies”) also harm a relationship or erode trust?
  4. If you think your partner may be lying to you about something, how should you approach the situation? And what happens if they double down on their lies?

Requirements: Relationship experts, psychologists, licensed therapists, or similar.


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