Summary: service story for parents experiencing burnout

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Query: Hello! The ideal sources for this story will be therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists with some experience treating burnout in parents, as the story is specifically for fathers who might be feeling burned out and can use some help. As we head into the holidays – which for many parents means more family obligations, gift shopping, travel, and parties and events – it can be even harder for parents to hold it together, increasing the possibility of burnout.

This is a service story that, after a brief explanation of what parental burnout looks like, explains how parents can recover from burnout. We’d like to include some discussion about misconceptions about burnout and why some parents (fathers in particular, if applicable) might feel that some common solutions regarding self-care just aren’t realistic for many of them. Some of my questions:

  1. What are some signs that parents are burned out, or examples in a parenting context?
  2. Are there certain types of parents who are more susceptible to burnout? We saw a lot of stories about burnout during the pandemic, but how have parents fared since then?
  3. Do parents have more coping skills now? Are they still burned out?
  4. What realistic advice would you give parents to help them recover from burnout?

Requirements: Licensed mental health counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, LMFTs, LPCs, educators, and authors with subject expertise. Please get in touch if you can be available for a phone or email interview in the next several days. thank you!

Summary: Therapists to speak on interior design

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Query: Hi! I’m working on a story on how to make your space more zen on a budget. Looking to speak to therapists who can provide info on happy colors, ways to make your home feel less stressed, etc.

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