Summary: Alcohol and personality shifts

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Query: Hi everyone! I have an interesting piece coming up on how/why/if alcohol changes your personality when drinking. I’m looking for quotes on:

  1. Why does alcohol drastically change some personalities when they drink?
  2. Is this the “real” them?
  3. Why are meanness and irritability so common when drinking? ( or are they as common as we think they are?)
  4. Can alcohol misuse cause long-term personality changes?

As always, I need a link to your professional bio page on a private practice site, commercial employer, or academia. I can’t use bios from general internet directories or competitor content sites. I do prioritize submissions with the answers already provided in the reply, and I usually use 2-3 experts in each article. If you’d like to learn more about me and what I write, you can visit my author pages:


Requirements: Substance misuse specialists and mental health professionals, please. Also, please note that if I select your quotes, you’ll receive an email from me directly. Please do not rely on Haro’s notifications. Thank you!

Summary: Why do people keep posting selfies of themselves crying?

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Query: Looking for mental health professionals who can help make sense of a trend: Influencers and others online are increasingly posting selfies of themselves crying. Why might one be doing this? At one point does it become “performative crying,” and what does that even mean? Are there benefits to posting these photos — is it cathartic? I’m interested in any and all thoughts on the matter.

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