Therapists and other such mental health professionals often assist their clients with processing personal tragedies in their lives. However, there are also instances in which mental health professionals may help multiple clients come to terms with collective tragedies. Examples of such tragedies include (but are not necessarily limited to) mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and pandemics.

The best therapists often appreciate the importance of lifelong learning. They know their professional education and development doesn’t end when they receive their degree. Professional development. Such therapists are eager to build upon their knowledge and skill sets however possible.

There are various ways a therapist can continue to learn and grow. One convenient option is to listen to the right podcasts about mental health and other such topics. Popular podcasts for therapists worth checking out include the following:

The Private Practice Startup

Growing a private practice can feel intimidating. This doesn’t have to be the case.

The Private Practice Startup offers business advice for therapists to help them strike the ideal balance between developing the business skills necessary to maintain a practice while also consistently serving the needs of their clients and patients.

Abundant Practice

Abundant Practice is another podcast aimed at therapists who wish to grow their own practices. This podcast is tailored specifically to those who aspire to grow private practices but have been reluctant to take the initial steps necessary to do so.

Billing Breakthroughs

Billing insurance companies can be one of the most complex and frustrating tasks running a private practice may involve. This podcast simplifies what is often a confusing topic.

Inside Mental Health

The Inside Mental Health podcast explores the subject of mental health through interviews with celebrities. In doing so, it makes certain mental health topics more accessible for general audiences.

A more experienced therapist  might feel that this type of surface level material is of no interest to them. However, listening to this podcast can provide a therapist with valuable insights regarding how they can discuss mental health issues in a manner that clients will understand and relate to.

Shrink Rap Radio

Shrink Rap Radio casts a wide net. Its episodes cover a range of subjects. What they all have in common is a focus on mental health. It’s ideal for therapists who don’t have specialized niches.

Power Your Parenting

Family therapist Colleen O’Grady Offers a wealth of lessons for parents of teenagers that can help them learn to communicate more effectively and positively. Any therapist working with parents of teens, teens themselves, or both can benefit from listening to this podcast regularly.

The Science of Happiness

Many people see therapists because they want to be happier in their day-to-day lives. A therapist can help their clients and patients achieve this goal by listening to The Science of Happiness. As the name implies, this podcast offers insights from scientific research to explain how people from all walks of life can enjoy greater satisfaction.

The Couples Therapist Couch

Offering relationship advice can be challenging for even the most experienced couples therapist. This podcast covers how a therapist can help their clients navigate issues in their relationships.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Not all podcasts for therapists need to be dry and academic. The Mental Illness Happy Hour stands out because it is remarkably entertaining while also being genuinely informative.

The Mindfully Creative Podcast

Many therapists know that art and other creative endeavors can help their patients heal. This podcast explores precisely how art can support those struggling with mental health difficulties.

The Virtual Couch

This podcast is similar to The Couples Therapist Couch in that it often addresses the various issues couples may face in therapy. However, its approach is more general, as it also addresses other topics that may interest a family therapist, such as how to improve communication among all family members.

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

This aptly-named podcast is ideal for therapists who work with patients attempting to overcome major trauma in their lives.

Thirsty for Art

Thirsty for Art is a podcast that primarily focuses on offering guidance to art therapists growing their practices.

Let’s Talk About CBT

Let’s Talk About CBT is a podcast about cognitive behavioral therapy: what it is, what it’s not, and how it can be useful. Dr. Lucy Maddox interviews experts in the field, including people who have experienced CBT themselves.  A mix of interviews, myth-busting, and CBT jargon explained, this accessible podcast is brought to you by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.

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