7 Ways to Maximize Your Private Practice Blog

2023-01-23T09:18:36-05:00Monday, January 23, 2023|

You’ve heard that blogging can be a great marketing tool for your private practice, but the thought of starting one seems overwhelming. How do you choose what to write about? Where ...

An Overview of Psychotherapy Notes and How to Use Them

2023-01-12T15:39:28-05:00Sunday, January 8, 2023|

Most therapists keep some form of notes to record patient encounters, keep track of important information, and monitor progress. Therapists who contract with insurance companies must write notes documenting each session. ...

Coping With Grief and Loss Over the Holidays

2022-12-22T12:05:12-05:00Thursday, December 22, 2022|

The holiday season should be joyful, at least according to the ads, Christmas carols, and Instagram reels. But for many, this time of year can feel far from celebratory, especially if ...

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