5 FREE email templates designed to make communicating with your clients easier and more consistent.

5 FREE email templates designed to make communicating with your clients easier and more consistent.


Our email template library, means the days of spending endless time crafting an email for your clients are gone. These templates ensure you can easily and consistently communicate with your clients around topics such as appointment confirmations, updates to your insurance, new rate alerts, and more.

Simply download the templates insert your practice-specific information in the designated spots and you are ready to send. Whether you’re sending individual emails manually or plugging them into the communication functions of your practice management software, they’ll same you time and make communicating a breeze.

Download your free email templates for mental health practice communications.

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Here’s what’s included

Email Template For Raising Your Rates 

Sometimes raising your rates can feel like a hard conversation. This email template makes it a little easier to notify your customers about the upcoming rate increase.

Email Template For Confirming Cancelled Appointments

When a client cancels, it’s important to confirm that’s what they meant to do. It also reminds your clients of your cancellation policies to try and cut-down on late notifications and last-minute no-shows.

 Email Template For Appointment Confirmations

Not only are no-shows inconvenient, but they’re also costly to your business. Using this email template can remind clients of your cancellation policies and help prevent no-shows and late arrivals.

 Email Template For Outdated ID & Insurance Cards

When addresses and insurances change, which they do often, it’s important for clients to remember to update you as well. Use this email to communicate your needs for updated information.

 Email Template For Updated Demographic Information

This email template can be used to remind your clients to log into your Client Portal and update their demographic and insurance information.