Mental health is just as important as physical health, and is closely tied to how well our bodies function. While mental health issues are common for adults in the U.S., it is not uncommon for people to de-prioritize their mental health, because of stigma, financial and time constraints, or lack of access to quality care.

Telehealth services aim to overcome those barriers by bringing mental health care directly to patients via their computers or smart devices.

From the many on-demand mental health and therapy services available, we narrowed the list to give you our recommendations for the best available services.


The ideal choice for a single or small group practice, especially those who are just getting started. See how simple things may be by getting started right now and without any commitment. TheraNest Lite has add-ons like Wiley notes and telemedicine that are available when you need them and is reasonably priced for a small practice.

Everything you require to run your practice is available in one location, with an easy-to-use interface and 24/7 online accessibility from any location. In just a few clicks, you may access paperless records, thorough reporting, and simple scheduling with notifications. Always be aware of how your practice is doing.


The goal of SimplePractice, a cloud-based practice management system, is to streamline the administrative part of private practice. Our HIPAA-compliant software makes it simple for health and wellness practitioners to automate routine tasks like scheduling, accepting payments, documenting, and more. A Client Portal to streamline client contact is one of the key features, along with free, unlimited appointment reminders, insurance claim administration, and online appointment requests.

Sending paperless intake forms via the client portal enables you to make it simple for your customers to review, sign, and pay all in one place. Give customers the option to request a time that works for them by using the online appointment request feature. You can then accept or reject any request from there.

Once your appointments are set, send free, unlimited call, text, and email reminders to every client to help cut down on no-shows. With no additional logins or links required, you may view patients anywhere thanks to the integrated telehealth platform.


Medical professionals and doctors all throughout the United States use the web-based medical billing and practice management solution provided by Kareo, a Tebra Company. Small practitioners and billing businesses can use the system. Practices may book appointments, verify insurance, manage past-due payments and the collection process, save patient records, provide personalized reports, and more with Kareo.

Kareo assists medical clinics in handling the difficulties associated with insurance billing. Medical staff may promptly enter patient information and verify their insurance claims. In order to help practitioners arrange appointments with their patients and remind them to show up, Kareo additionally offers a schedule and appointment reminder feature. Practices can connect with their billers, patients, and workers using the built-in messaging tool. Analytics for billing, enhanced claim processing, document management, and an agenda planner are further capabilities.

A wide range of medical professions, including family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, chiropractic, podiatry, and more, employ the ICD-10 compatible medical solution Kareo.


A cloud-based medical software platform called AllegianceMD is made to meet the requirements of small and midsize offices as well as outpatient surgery centers. An electronic medical record and practice management features for scheduling and billing are part of the system. E-prescribing, claims administration, and a reporting system are more specialized features.

According to the defined limits of the clinic, AllegianceMD enables patients to fill out their history and demographic information online. An active/inactive medicine list, e-refill requests, an allergy list, drug-drug interactions, and drug-allergy interactions are some of the features offered by medications. The lab keeps track of test results and enables tracking of unusual lab follow-up. The use of an electronic prescription system allows the user to ensure that no prescription with potential side effects or repercussions is filled by comparing the proposed prescription with the patient’s allergies and current medications.


Medical practices and healthcare practitioners can manage patient intake, patient care, clinical charting, billing, and revenue cycle management using DrChrono’s iPad and iPhone compatible EHR and medical billing software. It contains real-time patient eligibility checks, scheduling tools, e-prescribing, configurable medical forms, and a patient portal. In addition, the DrChrono Partner Marketplace provides a wide range of app connections to complement your EHR and practice management software, and our highly regarded medical FHIR API enables developers of healthcare apps to create new solutions.


In order to serve more people with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), care workers need a method to realize their full potential. Care providers may extend care with CentralReach, the first platform specifically designed for autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling patients to have better outcomes and lead more independent lives.

The only platform created to close the Autism and IDD Care Gap is CentralReach. The CentralReach platform has the skills to go over the care constraints of today and to produce better results for patients from early infancy to adulthood, across treatment sessions, schools, the workplace, and the community.


In addition to administration capabilities for electronic medical records (EMR) such client notes, insurance claims, appointments, and invoicing, also provides a cloud-based practice management system. It is HIPAA compliant and most suitable for solo practitioners.

A client web portal can be set up by users to let patients access communications from their clinics, make appointments, pay bills, and keep a patient log. Additionally, clients have access to video and chat meetings with their practitioner online. Additionally, clients can opt to get automated appointment reminders via email, text, or voicemail.

Additionally, clients can complete out customizable client forms, practice conditions, and policy agreements on Integrations with Stripe, Braintree, BluePay, Forte, Payscape, and Authorize are supported by billing and invoicing software. To assist with scheduling, users can sync iCalendar with the calendar feature.


Improve patient care with cloud-based, fully integrated healthcare IT solutions from InSync that are tailored to your practice and workflows. For practices of all sizes, EHR, practice management, medical billing, telemedicine, e-prescribing, and patient portal are available.

Adaptable to the specific processes of your clinic with personalized dashboards, forms, templates, and assessments. In order to improve patient care, support practices in maintaining compliance, and boost income and productivity, features including group therapy, lab integrations, state reporting, analytics, and tailored onsite or virtual deployment and training are available. Cloud-based for accessibility from any computer, laptop, or mobile device, anywhere, at any time.

The InSync platform is adaptable to a range of medical disciplines, including pediatrics, OB/GYN, physical and speech therapy, mental health, and drug abuse.


KASA is an electronic health record (EHR) for mental health that allows practitioners of all sizes set up appointments, take payments, handle claims, and more. It has a built-in calendar that lets front desk staff members categorize appointments using color codes and send automatic email or text message reminders.

KASA permits medical practitioners to establish two-way communication with staff members across the company through the internal messaging channel. Customers can update personal information, arrange appointments, pay bills, and receive account balance statements through the patient site. Therapists can also write, save, and print patient progress notes that include information about the types, dates, and locations of appointments.

KASA makes it possible for behavioral health clinics to produce financial reports to learn more about the status of claims and bills. Pricing information is accessible upon request, and support is provided by phone, email, and FAQs.


Praxis is a platform for electronic health records (EHRs) that allows for both on-premises and web-based deployment.

Instead than using templates, the Praxis EHR system makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), which learns how each doctor works and adjusts to a user’s specific needs. The AI learns more through use, improving in speed and intelligence. The method presents everything in the doctor’s own terms and in the way that he or she prefers.

The software is ONC-ATCB approved and has capabilities including e-prescribing, lab integration, procedure workflows, narrative reports, practice advisories, and a patient portal.

All medical specialties, including family practice, internal medicine, pain management, urology, integrated medicine, endocrinology, and more, are served by Praxis for small and mid-sized offices.

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