About Julie Simmons

Hi, I'm Julie, - Just like you, I’ve faced difficult times; loss, death, health issues, relationships ending, loneliness, depression, anxiety, etc., and just like you, I’ve reached out for help. For over 25 years, I’ve looked for the most direct route to deal with the discomfort & sometimes suffering that’s part of this human experience. I’ve been a client and student of many approaches to healing and my personal journey has given me insight, compassion, and perspective.

What Is Love?

2022-09-05T15:28:30-04:00Thursday, September 1, 2022|

Before we get into the business of love, let’s start with the distinction between love and attachment. Just because we are attached to someone doesn’t mean we love them. In fact, ...

How To Decide

2022-08-27T13:04:26-04:00Friday, August 26, 2022|

Decision-Making Tip #1: Open Your Options We often overlook many viable options in favor of only a couple that are easy to see when trying to make a decision. Even if ...

Hidden Benefits of Low Self-Esteem

2022-08-27T12:44:35-04:00Friday, August 26, 2022|

I used to have low self-esteem. It felt awful. What was even worse was how bad I felt for feeling bad about myself. My efforts to shame myself into feeling better ...

Why Boundaries Are So Hard?

2022-08-27T12:45:06-04:00Friday, August 26, 2022|

If you’ve had some exposure to self-help, you’ve likely come across the concept of boundaries. Maybe you feel pretty confident about your boundary-setting skills, or maybe you’re not that sure or ...

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