There are many lessons in autumn we can learn. Particularly lessons from the trees during autumn. That can teach us many things. Let’s look at a few lessons in autumn that we can learn.  Which you can hopefully take away and use during this season or any season.

True Color

The first lesson is embracing who we are. I was reading that trees are not actually green. The green pigment (chlorophyll) comes from the trees turning sunlight into glucose that feeds the tree. But when the sunlight starts shortening, the tree stops producing chlorophyll. Then the trees start to reveal their true colors.  The true colors start showing through.  The colors were always there but hidden by green pigment. In fact, what are incredibly beautiful colors hiding underneath that finally show itself.

Being Authentic

What we can learn is that our authentic self or true beautiful colors, might be hidden. It is important to let them show through. Not everyone will notice or take in the beauty. But it is important for us to embrace our true colors and our authenticity. To embrace our true self and let it shine through with all our glory.

And like the green leaves of a tree, we can also wear different masks. But if we are brave enough, we can take off those masks and embrace our authenticity. When we are authentic then our values and ideals are in alignment with who we are. We are not performing a part just to please other people.

 “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Brené Brown

With Change

Of course, after the beauty of changing back to their true beauty it is time for one more change. Leaves in all their beauty start to fall. One by one the leaves begin to drop. The trees begin releasing everything. To protect itself from winter, it must let go of everything it was. If it holds on to those leaves it will risk injury and not surviving the winter.

Letting Go

This time of the year we learn the beauty in letting go. This can be difficult in many cases. Autumn tells us there’s a time to let go. And we need to know when holding on no longer serves us.  Just like a tree that doesn’t drop its leaves, we may not endure the winter ahead or end up causing ourselves harm. It is difficult to let go of those relationships, jobs, old stories, the hurts, emotional crutches, or whatever we may be holding onto. When we learn to trust ourselves then we will know when the time is right. If we don’t release those things, we risk no longer growing and not being ready for the next season of our lives.


Trees transform again with everything being released. To stand and endure the upcoming season of winter. There are times we do need to rest. There is a time to stop, re-evaluate and recalibrate. Time to prepare for the next season of our lives.  As we transform our life, we may need periods of rest. In this time of recalibration, we need to focus on the essentials such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, reinforcing habits or practices that feed our body and soul.  Going back to basics.

Slow Down

It is a time to slow down and enjoy it. Enjoy the shift in the seasons. The crisp morning air, the changes in the colors around us, the changes in the sky, and the shift in us. It is a lovely time to enjoy family, friends, long walks, campfires, and connect to everything around us. To take it all in before we have to say goodbye. Maybe that is why there is so much appreciation. Because we know it is only with us for only a short time.

Final Thoughts

Maybe gratitude is the best lesson we can learn. To be grateful for everything we have and not to let even a day go by without feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Autumn is a time to play in the leaves. The time to dance and twirl in the wind. Embrace who we are and what we are yet to become. There is magic all around us. This time of the year is a time to see it everywhere. We just need to remember we are part of it too.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Emily Brontë

Photo by Brayden Prato on Unsplash.

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About the Author: Karen Gentilman
I’m a license clinical social worker in Idaho. I have my master’s degree in social work which I received in 1992 from California University of Long Beach. I have over 20 years working with individuals with different neurological conditions, chronic illnesses, and different medical conditions, including brain injury, strokes, and spinal cord injuries. I have continued to work in Neuro Rehab. I also do private practice (Illumination Counseling Service).

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