Starting a side hustle takes a lot of dedicated energy, so to be successful, you’re wise to ensure you have self-care measures in place to aid you in your startup journey. Creating a healthy work-life balance allows you to tend to business needs without sacrificing your own mental health and wellness.

Be Bold Psychology and Consulting can aid you in your quest, guiding you to develop strategies that will help you achieve your vision without becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

Manage Your Time

A side hustle is just that – work you do in addition to your full-time job, whether that’s in an office or retail setting, or as a homemaker and parent. Managing your time involves being organized, prioritizing tasks and responsibilities, and setting attainable, reasonable goals for yourself. If you take on too much, you’ll quickly get burned out, but if you can take a thoughtful approach to balancing work and self-care, you’re more likely to be in a “can do” frame of mind in which everything – including you – gets the attention it needs.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is critical to the success of a side hustle. According to Healthline, this means eating healthy and resisting the urge to run on caffeine and fast food; it also means getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, prioritizing your mental health, and working to keep stress levels to a minimum. Sounds easy, right? You want your side hustle to be fulfilling and profitable, and if it makes you anxious and overwhelmed, it’s not likely you’ll be able to maintain it. However, by prioritizing yourself when making business “to do” lists, you will be more likely to have a sustainable, long-term hustle.

Look Your Best

According to Penn State researchers, the way you look and feel (on both the inside and outside) may have an impact on attitude and performance, so allow yourself a wardrobe that is comfortable, affordable, and helps you feel your best. It can be especially nice to have comfy loungewear that’s suitable for both running side gig errands and chasing after kids (both the human and furry kind!). There are so many options for comfortable, stylish clothing, and this includes clothing for pregnant folks as well! An easy-to-maintain hairstyle and personal grooming routine can also be both attractive and practical.

Run Your Business Professionally

Although a side hustle is considered a “gig,” make an effort to run it like a professional business. It may be the building blocks for something bigger down the road. Get a business license, establish a presence on social media, and market yourself accordingly. Network, meet people, and provide high-quality customer care. Also, utilize contracts for services, keep good records, and ensure a professional business persona. The more business-like your products or services are, the more likely you are to attract and retain repeat customers, as well as get new business via word-of-mouth advertising.

Ask for Help

Even if you have superhuman powers, you’re unlikely to be able to manage every single aspect of your life, your work, and your side hustle single-handedly. It’s okay – and even advisable – to ask for help where you need it, Maybe you need to hire a pet-sitter or childcare provider, or have your groceries delivered; perhaps an investment in a web designer can help you grow your side gig without too much in-person legwork; perhaps a few sessions with a licensed therapist can help you maintain your mental and emotional equilibrium during the early start-up phase. Many therapists, including those at our practice, specialize in providing telehealth-based care, allowing you more flexibility to schedule therapy sessions on your time and from the comfort of your own space! Whatever the need, don’t be shy about asking for assistance.

A side hustle can be a great way to earn extra cash, and potentially even set yourself up to become a full-fledged business operation if you so desire. Remember, as a sole proprietor, you are the face of your operation; as such, taking good care of yourself means taking good care of your business.

Need a little extra support while building your side-gig? Wondering if now is your time to transition your side-hustle to something more? Want to make a pros and cons list together? Reach out today and schedule your free 20-minute consult! Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians would love to walk alongside you on your entrepreneurial journey, offering stress-management skills and a supportive sounding board along the way!

Be Bold Psychology and Consulting specializes in providing individual, couples/relationship, family, and group therapy, as well as comprehensive forensic and psychological evaluation services.

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