The Ultimate Client Waitlist Template

2024-01-12T13:22:41-05:00Sunday, November 12, 2023|

It’s more than just a list; it’s a game-changer. We're solving the Great Waitlist Dilemma by offering you this meticulously designed tool that’s not only going to keep you organized but also optimize client engage

[Email Template] Notify Your Clients You’re Raising Your Rates

2024-01-12T14:24:06-05:00Monday, June 19, 2023|

We’re thrilled to present our carefully crafted (for therapists, by therapists!) email template, designed to equip you with the tools needed to confidently navigate rate changes. Revolutionize your communication, streamline the process, and nurture those invaluable therapeutic relationships.

Download Our Superbill Template

2024-01-12T15:22:53-05:00Thursday, April 13, 2023|

A superbill is a receipt that you provide to clients so they can work out reimbursement with their insurance. Although it may seem like a giant scary receipt, having a template can simplify the task for you. Use our easy superbill template and watch how it takes nearly no time to fill out for clients to help make your services more accessible!

the belonly

2024-01-12T15:15:59-05:00Thursday, April 13, 2023|

Marketing, branding, business. All of these new parts of being a therapist are popping up, whether we go private practice route or not. If you’re struggling with marketing, you’re not alone.

The Treatment Plan Template

2024-01-12T15:13:54-05:00Thursday, April 13, 2023|

Paperwork can be a cumbersome part of the therapist job. You love the personal interactions, but may find yourself putting off documentation tasks. A treatment plan is a vital part of the therapy process and can be a great resource.

A Free Downloadable Social Media Policy Template For Therapists

2024-01-12T14:54:00-05:00Thursday, April 13, 2023|

The American Psychological Association recommends including a social media policy in your informed consent process.Your social media policy should explain to your clients why you have a social media policy in the first place. Be clear that it’s not because you don’t trust them; in fact, it’s the opposite…