Summary: Child therapist who is an expert on social media

  • Name: Rebecca Caraway The Daily Dot
  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: The Daily Dot
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM PST – 2 April

Query: Hello! I’m looking to talk to a child therapist about the mental health implications for kids who earn fame at a young age and have their personal lives shared online. I’m working on a story about family influencers on TikTok and the concern around those who heavily feature their kids.

Summary: Why aren’t individuals with anxiety going to therapy?

  • Name: Jamie Valentino The Daily Dot
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: The Daily Dot
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 2 April

Query: Looking for a psychologist to speak on the fact that 30% of Americans have anxiety, but most don’t seek professional help. If you can also relate to how stress impacts sexual health, that would be great!

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