Summary: Fear of Death – How to cope

  • Name: Suzanne Hayes AARP
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: AARP
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 28 August

Query: Looking for therapists or hospice workers or the like to offer tips about how to cope with fear of death. Open to hearing stories from those who have overcome the fear and how.

Requirements: Please include name, license, age, location and best email address to contact.

Summary: Family Therapists on How to Set Boundaries With Relatives

  • Category: General
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Anonymous
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 28 August

Query: Hi! For a large pub, I’m getting started on a package of family-oriented stories that will run in November. One is: “TK Family Therapists on How to Set Boundaries With Your Relatives”. Hoping to connect with family therapsts who can walk me through, actionable advice — and why it’s important.

Requirements: Please send me some initial ideas/tips via email, and then I will reach out to schedule a phone interview

Summary: Seeking advice on helpful phrases to use when a partner is venting

  • Name: Graham Techler Fatherly
  • Category: General
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Fatherly
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 28 August

Query: Fatherly is looking to speak to relationship therapists and specialists for a piece suggesting specific phrases one can use when a partner is venting/complaining. In these situations–when a partner is venting about work, family, or even minor inconveniences–it can be hard to know what to say other than “uh huh” and “yeah that sucks”.

This piece will discuss the general rules of engagement couples should follow, outlining simple suggestions one should keep in mind while listening to their partner (listen actively, don’t try to offer solutions unless explicitly asked, etc). The main story will unpack specific phrases that you can use, alongside simple explanations of why these phrases are helpful. Expert opinions on any and all of the above are appreciated.

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