Summary: Ways To Model Good Mental Health Practices For Your Kids

  • Name: Katie Yockey Fatherly
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
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  • Media Outlet: Fatherly
  • Deadline: 7:00 AM EST – 9 August

Query: Seeking a medical or mental health professional to discuss evidence-backed strategies parents can use to model good mental health practices for their children.

Requirements: Medical or mental health professional, ideally specializing in children and parenting

Summary: Therapists – What are retirees biggest regrets?

  • Name: Lauren Gray Best Life Online
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Query: Hi, I’m looking for therapists and mental health experts who can tell me what regrets people experience in retirement. What are some common regrets your clients have voiced, and why do you think they’re so prevalent? Please share 4-5 regrets, with a brief 3-5 sentence explanation for each, as well as any advice you may have on how someone might deal with having such a regret.

Requirements: Please also share your full name, title, license and a link to your professional website (or Linkedin) so I can credit your quotes. Thanks!

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