Summary: How To Spot Self-Destructive Behaviors + How To Stop It

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  • Category: General
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  • Deadline: 11:00 PM EST – 18 December

Query: Looking for experts to talk about self-destructive behaviors. Questions below:

  1. What is self destructive behavior? Please explain what self-destructive behavior is. Talk about both physical and emotional self-destructive behaviors and how they could manifest. Also, briefly mention possible root causes/whether the behaviors are linked to mental health disorders.
  2. Examples of self-destructive behaviors. Please provide a few examples of self-destructive behaviors. Say what the behavior is and talk about how it presents, causes, etc.
  3. How to stop self-destructive behavior in yourself? Please offer 2-3 tips on how to stop self-destructive behaviors in yourself. Please state the tip and provide an example.
  4. How to stop self-destructive behavior in others? Let’s say I’m someone who is in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with someone who I believe is being self-destructive, what do I do? Please offer 1-2 suggestions and talk a little about each.

Requirements: Must be a licensed therapist, psychiatrists, or other experts

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