Summary: Ways Life Gets Better After Age 50

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Query: Despite the aches, pains, and other negatives of getting older, there is much to be enjoyed and appreciated about life after 50. What are some of the more positive aspects, particularly when it comes to the wisdom and perspective we gain through the years, the time to devote to relationships, hobbies and activities, travel, new experiences, and more? And what are some keys to helping make sure we have the health, energy, and brain power to make the most of these years?

Requirements: Looking for mental health professionals who work with older adults and others who can speak, either through personal experience or as people who treat or work with older adults, about the positive aspects of getting older and how to optimize their health, lifestyles, and schedules to make the most of their time and opportunities.

Summary: Benefits of Mediation and Exercise for Mental Health

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Query: I am looking for experts to comment on an article I am writing based in part on the findings of a study that concludes that there are mental health and well-being benefits of combining physical activity with mindfulness. I am looking for a psychologist or other academic expert to comment if this finding resonates with the practitioner and if they have found this to be true for people over 50. If yes, why do you think this might be helpful? Do you recommend that patients combine exercise with meditation? Is there a specific exercise? Is there a recommended length of activity either for the exercise or the meditation for this to be helpful?

Requirements: Psychologists and other academic experts only, please

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