Summary: Ways on How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

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Query: We are creating a list-style article of “ways” people can stop obsessing over someone. We’re looking for responses to be formatted like this:

  1. The Tip/Way to Stop Obsessing (example: Reconnect With Your Passions).
  2. 1-2 paragraphs (about 60 words each) to explain how this tip can help someone stop obsessing over another person

Requirements: Must be a licensed therapist or psychologist. With your reply, please include; Full Name & Title, Link to your website or LinkedIn profile Headshot.

Summary: Risks/Limits of AI Companion Chatbots

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Query: The rise of AI chatbots is in full swing, millions have begun using intimate companion apps like Replika and Blush, and they’re even being used to address gaps in access to mental health treatment. A new body of research is beginning to emerge on AI chatbot effectiveness in improving mental health; a recent study saw their use result in a small but crucial “decrease in suicidal ideation”.

  1. Just how effective are AI companions at mitigating loneliness or preventing suicide?
  2. What should these chatbots’ role be in promoting and fostering mental wellness and access to treatment, according to mental health professionals?
  3. What are their biggest risks, and what should their users know before experimenting with them?

These questions are particularly pressing given a global loneliness epidemic which is taking its biggest toll on younger generations. This feature article aims to gather information from mental health professionals (especially those who have experience using these chatbots themselves) to answer these questions. The piece will hone in on practical solutions to the risks associated with AI companion use while looking at risks to personal privacy as well.

Requirements: Qualified and experienced mental health professionals, especially those with experience using AI companion chatbots or those who have researched their connection to mental health and wellness.

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