Summary: How To Help Someone Grieving

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Query: Hello! we’re working on a book on grieving that will be published by Blue Moon Publishers Spring 2024. Specifically, the book will cover tips and strategies to help someone grieving, whether a loved one or a colleague/co-worker. My questions are as follows:

  1. How to approach someone who is grieving. Is there practical advice of what to say and not say? Any other insights?
  2. How to listen and validate emotions to help someone grieving. Are there helpful phrases to use? Any other strategies?
  3. How to recognize the signs of complicated grief and when to seek professional help. How do you gently suggest someone should seek professional help? Any insights you can provide are appreciated!
  4. How to create a supportive environment to help someone grieving. Are there examples of how one can offer reassurance? Are there any other suggestions?
  5. How to support children and teenagers in grief. How do children and teenagers experience grief differently from adults? Any tips or strategies you have are greatly appreciated!

Requirements: I’d love to hear from you if you’re a counselor with experience in this area, a wellness author, or a medical professional (Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc.). Please specify your title, your current or a former relevant position, and provide a link to your bio, website, or social media channel. Thanks!

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