Summary: Opinion of psychologist/psychiatrist on sexual sadism

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Query: I’m looking for psychologists/psychiatrists to answer questions on “Breaking Down the Complexities of Sexual Sadism”, I’m looking for quotes on:

  1. The psychological concepts behind sexual sadism
  2. Light sadism in the context of a healthy BDSM scenario and knowing the difference
  3. Symptoms of Sexual Sadism Disorder
  4. Treatment Options for Sexual Sadism Disorder

Summary: What are soul ties?

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Query: What Are Soul Ties? Understanding a New Romantic Connection How are soul ties formed? How do you know if you have a soul-tie connection? What are the different types of soul ties Can you have a soul tie with someone you never dated? What is the difference between a soul tie and a soulmate? What does a soul connection feel like? What are the dangers of soul ties? How do you break a soul tie?

Requirements: Someone who works in the wellness, spiritual counselors, relationship/marriage therapists/experts, psychologists

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