Summary: Need psychologists and psychiatrists to comment on how epileptics can overcome fear and go out

  • Name: Isaac Nunoofio Isaac Nunoofio The Ability Toolbox
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  • Media Outlet: Isaac Nunoofio The Ability Toolbox
  • Deadline: 12:00 PM EST – 12 May

Query: A recent study revealed that adults with epilepsy fear public places. Patients may feel reluctant to go out in public, and also to go for treatment. I’ve been assigned to write an article about this for The Ability Toolbox. I need psychiatrists and psychologists who work with epileptics to comment on what people who live with epilepsy can do to overcome their fear of going into public spaces. some of the questions I need answers to are:

  1. Why do people who live with epilepsy fear going into public? If they’ve had a fit in public in the past and think about that/those incidents, and that gives them negative thoughts and makes them fear to go out, what strategies and techniques can they use to overcome those negative thoughts and gather the courage to go out again?
  2. Please give me 3 techniques epileptics can use to prepare themselves mentally and motivate themselves at home to help them overcome their fear before they go into public
  3. Please give 3 ways they can boost their confidence at home before they can go into public -Please give 5 techniques they can use to fight their anxiety and fear of being in public when they go out
  4. Please give 5 things they can do to feel bold and confident when they are in public so that fear will not overcome them What is your takeaway message for epileptics who fear going into public spaces?

Requirements: Psychiatrists and psychologists who work with epileptics. Please include your full name, credentials, years of experience, location, and links to your LinkedIn profile or website

Summary: Looking for a women’s mental health expert to share advice about positive affirmations

  • Name: Stephanie Nieves FairyGodBoss
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Query: Hi there! I’m looking for a women’s mental health expert to share advice on the power of positive affirmations.

  1. What are positive affirmations and why would/should you use them? 3-4 sentences for this one.
  2. How do you choose which positive affirmations to recite? 3-5 tips on how to choose a statement.

Requirements: Mental health expert or someone in the women’s wellness/lifestyle field. Someone with a website and/or active social media account is preferred. Thank you!

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