Summary: How to stop being defensive in relationships

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Query: Looking for relationship therapists to discuss top ways to stop being defensive in relationships

Requirements: Must be a relationship therapist able to answer specific questions

Summary: Couple’s therapist quotes needed, moving in together

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Query: I am looking for quotes from licensed couple therapists about moving in together in a relationship. Please comment on the areas below in full sentences and in your own words. (Important: Please note any quotes submitted to me will run through a plagiarism detector. I am seeking valuable expert information in your own words and will not quote plagiarized material.)

  1. How long should you date before you move in together?
  2. What to consider before moving in together?
  3. What does moving in together mean in a relationship?
  4. How to tell if you’re ready to move in together versus signs you are not ready.
  5. Please offer some tips for moving in together

Requirements: Must be a relationship/couple therapist

Summary: Maternal Mental Health

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Query: Everything about perinatal depression;

  1. Why do maternal mental health issues happen?
  2. How to identify symptoms?
  3. Tips to manage and facilitate healthy pregnancy and childbirth

Requirements: Mental health professionals with expertise in the field, please

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