Summary: Psychology of Work

  • Name: Kareen Liez Datoy Science Times
  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Science Times
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 6 November

Query: I’m seeking insights from experts in the field of psychology of work. We’re interested in delving into the science of work-related stress, motivation, and productivity, and how various psychological factors impact an individual’s performance in the workplace. If you’re a psychologist, researcher, or professional with expertise in this area, your insights could greatly contribute to our understanding of this critical aspect of the workplace. Questions:

  1. How does work-related stress impact an individual’s psychological well-being, and what strategies can be employed to mitigate its effects in a work environment?
  2. What are the key psychological factors that influence an individual’s motivation at work, and how can employers foster a more motivating work environment?
  3. In terms of productivity, could you explain the role of psychological variables, such as time management, goal setting, and focus, and how they affect an employee’s overall performance?
  4. Are there particular personality traits or psychological profiles that are more resilient to workplace stress, and what can individuals and organizations learn from these traits to enhance performance and well-being?
  5. In a rapidly changing work landscape, how can employees and employers harness the science of psychology to adapt and thrive, ensuring sustained high performance and job satisfaction?

Requirements: Psychologists, doctors

Summary: Looking for Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals to speak on personal safety anxiety

  • Category: Biotech and Healthcare
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Anonymous
  • Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 6 November

Query: A recent study revealed that 60% of Americans worry about their personal safety on a daily basis. I’m looking to speak with mental health professionals who have seen this anxiety in their patients to understand the effects of personal safety anxiety on lives if there has been any noticeable trend in the prevalence of this anxiety in recent years, what patients often worry about, and how mental health professionals help people cope with this anxiety.

Requirements: Must be willing to go on the record with full name, credentials, and location.

Summary: How to compete for a promotion in a thoughtful way

  • Name: Managing Editor Mass Appeal magazine
  • Category: Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Media Outlet: Mass Appeal magazine
  • Deadline: 10:00 PM EST – 6 November

Query: Society has changed greatly and so has the moral code. This week we want to discuss competing for a promotion among two coworkers. How do you show respect toward the other person while also making yourself look good for the promotion? Is this a conversation to be had between the two coworkers? How can a boss/manager be helpful in this situation? Tell us.

Requirements: We want to hear from therapists, psychologists, mediators, managers, HR teams, etc. Please offer your social media handles.

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