Summary: Mental Health Professional Quotes on Self-Motivation

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  • Deadline: 5:00 PM EST – 13 October

Query: Working on a piece about self-motivation without degradation – it will be offered exclusively within the EQX+ app to Equinox members.

  1. Why do people lean into tearing themselves down in order to motivate them to work out? Ex: “I can’t eat cake unless I workout.” or “C’mon I need to work on my beach body or else I can’t wear my bikini”
  2. What are the mental effects of negative self-talk? How does it warp self-perception?
  3. What are methods people can use to transform their self-talk so that they can motivate themselves without tearing themselves down? (Please explain how to perform each method/offer examples)
  4. Are there ways to motivate oneself without being overly positive? If so, how?
  5. What are affirmations, phrases, and sayings people can use to motivate themselves without trying to tear themselves down?
  6. Anything else you’d like to say about motivation/self-talk (negative or positive)

Requirements: Must be a certified mental health professional – you do not need to answer all questions to be considered please reach out and we’ll connect. We will need your name (first and last) and website profile (or IG) as well

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